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A “Sign” That You Are Cool

— A Focus on Old Highway 61 Blog and Photos by Gail Gates

“A good ten years before the fact, Dylan was already out-punking Johnny Rotten.” 
― Mark Polizzotti, Highway 61 Revisited

Here’s how I see it…you’re driving along Old Highway 61, listening to music, bobbing your head, and feeling pretty darn good.  You notice an Old Highway 61 sign hanging off a building here, and a gas station there. Huh. They look retro and cool.  You wonder, Where do they get those?



And then you start thinking about all the fun places you could hang one:
— In your office at home or at work. (That would be a great icebreaker when clients come in, right?)
–Off a shed, fence, barn, or man cave.
–You could strap it on your pontoon, RV, or cabin.At this point your mind is humming as fast as a rendition of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight Of The Bumblebee.

Heck, why stop at one sign? You could:
–Keep one for yourself AND send one to your motor head cousin.
–Or, how about your niece who is attending college and missing Minnesota?  She’d LOVE one.
— Oooooo your parents! They now live in a retirement village in Florida, and would cherish a reminder of their roots along Old Highway 61. (Didn’t Grandma Esther live on a farm near Willow River? Or was that Aunt Gladys? You really should attend more family reunions.)

Geez, you practically have your birthday/Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Christmas lists for 2019 nailed! Yeah, this is good.



But again, where do they get those signs?

Well my friend, wonder no more. I am here to tell you the Old Highway 61 Coalition has received a fresh new shipment and they are selling fast.

The cost, per sign, is…. drumroll…$61!*  Constructed of road-sign grade material, they will stand up to years of outdoors use.  (Should you choose to put it somewhere conspicuous just to up your cool-cat, in-the-know, “I have one and you don’t” status.)

You can pick one up at several locations along the Old Highway 61 route, or, the Coalition offers a flat rate shipping fee as well. Easy peasy.

Interested? Contact:

Old Highway 61 Coalition
P.O. Box 577, 6063 Main Street, North Branch, MN 55056
Office hours are Monday-Friday from 8AM-4PM

Okay, I am “signing” off now…

* In case you are wondering, the proceeds from these signs go towards the promotion of Old Highway 61, so it is win-win.

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