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Antiques, Thrift, Vintage & Occasional Shops

As visitors are traveling through Chisago, Pine and Carlton Counties we hope that they will enjoy the scenery offered up by the Old Highway 61 route.  While exploring the area many visitors will often miss out on some of the unique finds because they simply don’t know that they exist. For the last several years, the Old Highway 61 Coalition has made the discovery of unique shops a priority.  In order to help travelers find the hidden gems in our communities… even when they are off the beaten path.

We’ve partnered with a local shops to create a brochure for Antique, Thrift, Vintage & Occasional Shop destinations that you should make time to explore.  As you are traveling south from Carlton to Pine to Chisago Counties, check out these fun places:




You can view a copy of the full brochure here, or pick up a copy at one of these locations or request a copy by mail by calling 320.322.4040.

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