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Focus on Old Hwy 61: The Ultimate Burger at The Cornerstone Pub and Prime, Wyoming, Minn.

by Gail Gates (posted with permission)

You’re on a mission to explore Old Highway 61, but pangs of hunger are rumbling louder than the Aerosmith CD you have turned to “11.” What to do? Where to go? I have a suggestion.

The Cornerstone Pub and Prime is the first restaurant on Old Hwy 61 as you head north. (26753 Forest Blvd, Wyoming, MN 55092) It’s just to the right of the stoplights that lure you onto Interstate 35 to stay on Hwy 61 per the maps.

But you are not one to follow the crowds. Nuh uh. You are one to seek the road less traveled (Old Hwy 61, for instance) and a person who desires something a little more interesting than chain restaurants and fast food. Let me tell you about my visit to the Cornerstone Pub and Prime.

It was a carnivore kind of day. I’d been eating too many boring vegetables, and my canine teeth were getting dull and lazy. Since I fully intend to investigate all the fun and delicious things to do on Old Hwy 61, a trip to the Cornerstone Pub and Prime down right noble. It is research darn it! I loaded up my more-than-willing husband, my camera, and my appetite, and off we went.

The Cornerstone Pub and Prime was established in 1989. It is known for its prime rib, steaks, chops, ribs, and burgers. There is both a dining room and a Pub area. Walking in you immediately sense that hometown feeling–one that exudes friendliness and a genuine identity. We opted to go into the Pub, just because.

I asked the waitress what was their most popular burger, and she said it was split between the Ultimate burger and the Juicy Lucy. Ultimate. The word was calling me. My husband opted for the fish and chips because he always has to be the good one when it comes to somewhat sensible eating. Whatever.

A short while later my basket arrived and I was not disappointed. Besides the burger, there was bacon, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, two kinds of cheese (I went with pepper jack and cheddar), a fried egg, fried onions, and a toasted bun. On the side, a stack of thin pickle chips and a chaotic heap of French fries made me smile.

“How are you going to eat that?” said my obviously envious husband.

“Bite by bite, Sweetie. Bite by bite.”

I got half of it down before asking for a take home container. It was delicious!

Need a burger as you explore the Old Hwy 61 route? An Ultimate burger? Try The Cornerstone Pub and Prime’s version. My canine teeth haven’t been this happy in quite some time!

For more information about The Cornerstone Pub and Prime, click here.

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