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Old Highway 61 Selfie Contest Alert!

–Photo and Plea by Gail Gates

“When I take a photo of myself on my mobile I capture my soul with every click.  I call them, ‘soul selfies’.  And let me tell you…I look great!”  ― Anthony T. Hincks

Who loves a contest?  Who loves the thrill of competition slathered in juicy creativity?  Yes. I see you! You have your hand raised in the air and are bouncing from foot to foot.  You want in!

Well, my friends, soon the Old Highway 61 Coalition will launch the next great selfie contest.  The super cool prize is in the works, and to be announced shortly.



But why wait?  As you are driving to and fro on Old Highway 61, stop at one of the road signs and take a selfie.  Maybe you’re by yourself.  Maybe you have a few friends with you.  That’s okay!

What we want to see and promote is your fabulous selves enjoying Old Highway 61.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, crazy, funny, or Ansel Adams perfection.  It just needs to get the most votes.  Huh? Read on…

The official rules will come out when we announce the prize, but essentially you’ll like our website, post your selfie, and have your friends “like” it.  The photo with the most votes wins!

So get out there!  Be safe.  And get your selfie face on!

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