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Play ‘Park Bingo’ this summer and explore!

The Old Highway 61 Coalition invites the public to travel Old Highway 61 this summer and play a little ‘Park Bingo’ event to be eligible to win some cool prizes.

“We compiled a list of city, county, and state park locations that stretch from southern Chisago County and move north through both Pine and Carlton County,” says Coalition Chairman, Nancy Hoffman.  “Using that list we created the ‘Park Bingo’ card as a fun and family-friendly way to explore the area along Old Highway 61.”

You can participate in the ‘Park Bingo’ activity anytime from Memorial Day through Labor Day of 2021.  Visit a park, take a photo at the location and post it to your personal social media using the the hashtag #oldhwy61parks.  After you’ve visited 5 in a row for a successful BINGO, simply email a photo of your completed bingo card to us at

Beginning on the first Friday in June, the Old Highway 61 Coalition will draw a weekly prize winner to receive one of our new water bottles.  On September 13th, we’ll also be drawing a Grand Prize Winner who will receive an Old Hwy 61 sign! Download your copy of the bingo card HERE.



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