Rush City, MN

Rush City, MN

The Rush City area was first inhabited by Dakota and Chippewa Natives who were attracted to its bountiful hunting and fishing opportunities. Later, pioneers made the area their home because of logging, fur trapping, and farming opportunities it had to offer.

The village that was soon established quickly grew in population and Rush City was incorporated on March 8th, 1873.  The name “Rush” City was chosen for the abundance of bulrushes (cattails & other similar aquatic plants) that occupy the area.

Rush City quickly became a commercial hub, bustling with activity.  A railroad used to bring folks across the St. Croix River from Grantsburg, Wisconsin to the booming downtown for their weekly shopping needs.  On the trip home, passengers would stop at the famous blueberry patches near the river to picnic, which is how the railroad earned its nickname “The Blueberry Special.”  Many things have changed since the good ole days, but Rush City continues to prosper and grow in population.  The city’s Industrial Park is one of the largest industrial parks between the Twin Cities and Duluth, employing over seven hundred workers.  The economy is also based on agri-business, health-care, education, manufacturing, retail, corrections, and tourism.

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